Ladder / Results / Fixtures

Under 13  https://australia.rugby/Competitions/fixtures-results?id=3mmonuXZQMcjRJxqc

Under 15  https://australia.rugby/Competitions/fixtures-results?id=emas8iuvbXbytFgAM

Under 17  https://australia.rugby/Competitions/fixtures-results?id=9wtKbZqoqrKLKAfPD

Ensure that Results are completed in Match Day App or a completed Teamsheet for every match

please have a stack of Teamsheets on a clipboard – as with the weekly tournaments we don’t know the teams participating in every match.  Please ensure the score is clearly marked with numbers (not a tally only) writing can be easily read, referee signature, and other coach / Manager’s signature.  Without the teamsheets submitted ASAP we do not have accurate competition  (photo texted to 0431 134 236 or e-mailed to [email protected]). Please ensure date, match time and your team/opponent is completed.  Red Card, Yellow Cards, Blue Concussion, Serious Injury completed.