2018 Darling Downs Senior Squad Announced


Darling Downs Senior Squad Announced

Darling Downs coach Nathan Bradley and fellow DD selectors have named a 24 man squad for the upcoming South QLD Championships in Dalby.

The senior squad will also play Sunshine Coast on Friday the 18th of May and Gold Coast on Sunday the 20th.

The squad includes a number of experienced Darling Downs representatives and a number of new players who have made their mark on this year’s Risdon Cup.

Seniors Squad:

Angus Ramsey (USQ Saints)

Brett Corish (Goondiwindi)

Dan Merker (Dalby)

Declan Wheeler (Bears)

Eddie Dean (Dalby)

George Stacey (Goondiwindi)

Harry Hawker (Goondiwindi)

Hugh Brosnan (Dalby)

James Wreford (Dalby)

Jay Shulte (Goondiwindi)

Lachlan Tulloch (Goondiwindi)

Levi Power (Goondiwindi)

Mick Gall (Dalby)

Pete Harding (Gatton)

Rob Walton (Dalby)

Robert Patterson (Rangers)

Sam Hogarth © (Dalby)

Sam Jobling  (Goondiwindi)

Sam Tweedy (Goondiwindi)

Sonny Power (Condamine)

Stu Bougoure (Rangers)

Todd Daniels (Gatton)

Will Gilbert (vc) (Goondiwindi)

Will Walton (Dalby)

Coach: Nathan Bradley

Assistant Coach: Steve Toohey

Manager: Jodi Toohey

Trainer: Lindsay Ashby

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