2018 Game Management and Blue Card


2018 Game Management Guidelines and Blue Card Introduction

The 2018 Game Management Guidelines have add new laws to make the game of rugby more open and free flowing especially at the breakdown. An offside line is now set when a team as just one man over the ball, so incidents like what happened in the Italy verse England match are erased from the game by having just one man over the ball.

A major change to the game in 2018 is that the tackler can only play from their side of the ruck. Previously a tackler could play the ball from any direction after getting up.

A big addition for 2018 is the implementation of the Blue Card. If a referee orders a player off due to signs and symptoms of concussion, they will now show them a blue card (similar to a red or yellow). This player is to take no further part in the game and clubs must action the concussion management process. The blue card is designed to be an awareness tool, to ensure the off-field process is followed.

 For further information on game management guidelines and blue card introduction follow the link provided: RugbyAU

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