U13 & U14 Representative Trials


Teenage Darling Downs Trials | Under 13 & Under 14

The Queensland Rugby Junior State Championships are only 3 months away and Darling Downs selectors have been keeping an eye on the talent that our Teenage Competition has on offer. The Under 13 & Under 14 trial invitations have been sent out and a squad will be chosen from these players to travel to Albany Creek and represent the Darling Downs at the upcoming competition. The Darling Downs have been highly competitive at the Junior State Championships in the past and have hosted the competition several times in the last number of years. 

The trial date for the Under 13 and Under 14 teams will be held on the 23rd of April at the Highfields Sports Complex. The trials will run from 9am-12pm consisting of fitness, skills and game play to identify players who will represent the Darling Downs. Selectors will base their decisions on players that they identify as high performance talent and who are committed to playing within a team of other skillful players. Players who will be trialling are as follows;

Under 13 Players to Trial:

Alex Finch
Alex Reed
Ben Hood
Ben Morris
Buckley Morgan
Cameron Parkin
Charlie Lockwood
Clancy Black
Douglas Ahern
Dylan Locke
George Spencer
Harrison Tzannes
Hunter James
Jack Carmichael
Jack Honke
Jack Madigan
Jack McMahon
Jack Statton
Jackson Reimers
Jaiken Crothers
James Casey
Jed Statham
Joe Johnston
Joe Murray
Jordan Ryan
Jude Brocherie
Lucas White
Manson Carmody
Michael Toohey
Nathan Beci
Ollie Chaffey
Robert Luck
Sam Leahy
Sam Walker
Tom Cocks
Wes O'Brien
Will Jackson
Will Nason
Wylie Bucknell
Zach Reddan

     Under 14 Players to Trial:

Anthony Connellan
Arun Vinall
Ben Smith
Bennet Turner
Blair Peachy
Boyd Armstrong
Charlie Bradley
Chris Weber
Clancy McPherson
Declan Pickard
Duncan Cahil
Fin Wright
George Cobb
Henry Bolton
Hugh Andreas
Hugh McDonnell
Hunter Richardson
Issac Miles
Jack Keen
Jackson Brown
Jayden Thurston
Jordy Adams
Keanu Wright
Lochie Stagg
Marty Bourke
Max Schutt
Nathaneal Ganly
Nicholas Boyce
Paddy Doran
Pat Noble
Ronan Austin
Sam Paine
Toby Marshall
Will Bailey
Will Gilmore
William Johnston

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