DD Women's 7s vs UQ AON Wrap Up


The Downs Women’s 7’s squad should be more than happy with their first outing against the formidable UQ AON squad .

"We out played the UQ development squad and put in a respectable effort against UQ’s seasoned veterans." Coach Scott Gale stated. 

The Downs girls stunned the UQ development squad that was filled with natural talent by coming out of the blocks fast and getting the win. Downs went down in the next two games but the girl's efforts can't be questioned against UQ's veterans. Downs put in a valiant performance but UQ was just too good. 

Coach Scott Gale was impressed and believes, "all the girls gelled well as a team and played some quality rugby, playing with a higher level of skill than was expected of them."

The coaches main focus was to determine if the girls could come from their respective clubs and play together as a team and place what they have taught them over just two training sessions into practice.

The girls did this with flying colours and proved to all that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

"Area’s that we were especially happy with was their ability to control the ball when we had possession and our commitment to defence with all players putting their body on the line when required." Scott said. 

Communication in all aspects of play was another key area the team have been working on and this was evident when a mistake was made, through verbal on field directions Downs were able to respond quickly to rectify the situation and minimise the oppositions ability to capitalise.

"We obviously have a lot to still work on and there is plenty of areas for improvement which is to be expected from such a new team." Scott 

"I hesitate to mention individual players but we feel that we have unearthed some serious talent within this development initiative and we have confidence that a genuine pathway to greater representative duties is now in place for some of our Downs athletes."

The girls are enjoying this experience as are the coaching and management staff which should transpire into positive results on the paddock in the future.

All clubs should be proud of their Women’s 7’s representatives.

FK Gardner & Sons