Help Us Make Rugby A Place For All


As we will shortly embark on another season of Rugby in the Downs, we have set out sights on a bigger and better 2018 after a bumper year of Rugby right across the board least season. 

With so many new participants taking up our game last year, we want to continue the growth of our game and need YOU to Help us make Rugby a place for ALL! By creating inclusive Rugby environments, we are able to not only introduce new participants to the great game of Rugby, but also allow those already participating to be a part of our game and community for life.

With all clubs promoting a new focus on their codes of conduct in 2018, it's vital that everyone recognises that they are a participant in our game. Whether you are a player, coach, referee or spectator, you are bound by Rugby's codes of conduct. Our strong culture of respect and inclusion is what sets Rugby apart from the others, and we want everyone to contribute to the great community of Rugby we have right across the Downs. 

Rugby in the Downs is run on the back of invaluable volunteer hours, with Referees, Coaches and Club Committees all volunteering their time to enable our kids to enjoy playing Rugby. Any negative or abusive language or behaviour towards our Referees will not be tolerated. Always remember they are volunteers, and are giving their time to ensure your kids can participate in Rugby. We encourage anyone with opinions on Refereeing to pick up a whistle as the DDRRA are always looking for new Referees. 

Remember your individual actions can have grave ramifications on your club and community, so be a positive ambassador for your club, no matter what you role.

Around the ground this year, you will see new signage and posters promoting our core community messages. Please take these on board and help make Rugby a place for ALL!

For more information you can find the Downs Rugby and Rugby Australia's Code of Conduct Here

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