Referee Round Up


Referee Round Up

The Darling Downs Rugby Referees Association proudly officiate the world's largest domestic competition covering 68,000 sq km, and this week president of the association Scott Lindblom had an 800km round trip to officiate the Mighty Roma Echidnas who were taking on USQ Saints at Gallas Fox Park in Roma. While fellow referee Scott Armstrong also had a road trip himself to officiate the C grade game at Roma travelling from St George in a 4 hour round trip.

Referee President Scott Lindblom said, "It is a true reflection of country rugby, the games were played at high standards in front of a very strong 100+ Back to Roma Day crowd." 

The country games produced lively entertainment for the electrifying crowd as all teams produced fast, clean rugby that augers well for a strong season. USQ got the win in an absolute nail biter in C grade 12-10, officiated well by Scott Armstrong who allowed the men to play great attacking rugby.

While there was only one converted try in the A grade game with 10 minutes to go 21-14, USQ found some space and scored a four run away tries with just minutes spare. Running away 41-14 victors, referee Scott Lindblom said "the game was played in very good spirit and all members had a lot of fun. It was good to see a country club playing such competitive rugby against quality USQ sides as results in both games could've gone either way."

“For a club with the geographical constraints that Roma faces, it’s been excellent for the club back to expand back to two sides in 2018 after fielding just an A Grade side in 2017. I commend the work done by the clubs committee and volunteers who’ve made this happen”, commented DR General Manager Mitchell Simpson. “It is also a testament to our referee body who week in week out provide match officials to our 3 senior grades across our vast region”.

"On behalf of the DDRRA, the referees love to travel to Roma and support such an important strategic day for the Roma club

and we wish Roma the best of luck as they consolidate their numbers and progress through the season." - Scott Lindblom

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