Refereeing Kids Rugby U8-12


Are wanting to Referee Kids Rugby? 

There is a course coming to Downlands on Wednesday the 2nd of May.

The aim of the Refereeing Kids Rugby course is to provide potential referees with the ability to facilitate a game of U8 to U12 rugby safely and fairly.

The course content is specifically targeted towards the realities of rugby at the younger ages of U8-U12 and not toward U13+ or adult levels of rugby.

The course is broken into two sessions -

  • Session 1: 30 minutes is spent walking learners through the knowledge and theory of refereeing kids rugby
  • Session 2: 2.5 hours is spent applying knowledge and theory to practical, field based scenarios.

This course also covers the requirements of SmartRugby.

Accreditation Pathway:

Awarded on successful completion of the following:

  • Refereeing Kids Rugby Workshop (face to face)
  • Refereeing Kids Rugby exam (online).
Click the link below to enrol:
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