Super Saturday 1 Preview | Toowoomba Bears vs Condamine Cods


Toowoomba Bears vs Condamine Cods

The Toowoomba Bears and Condamine Cods will be heading out to Riddles Oval at Goondiwindi to launch their finals series campaign in an epic battle to see who will have an opportunity to advance closer towards the Grand Final. The Toowoomba Bears gave Dalby Wheatmen a scare last week scoring 3 tries to their 4, however a lack of discipline resulted in the Wheatmen slotting 2 penalty goals to increase the point margin. Condamine Cods struggled against the powerhouse Toowoomba Rangers side last week only managing to score 2 tries to Rangers 7. Cods are more than capable of stringing together phases in the forwards to then shift to their slick backline so the Cods will be looking to improve on last weeks results and keep their finals campaign moving forward.

The Cods have had a stellar season and worked perilously to secure a finals position so there will be little holding them back to throw everything they have at the Toowoomba Bears. Winger, Emosi Vunivosa has turned into a superstar across the Downs known for his try scoring frenzies, capable of bagging 3 each game. This pace on the wing, coupled by a fluent backline managed by Jone Navosa allows the Cods to create the holes and pounce at every opportunity. Captain, Roger Geldard leads his forwards from #8 with intensity and power to march up the field and control the game. Queensland Country Heelers Colt, Rohan Gale will be directing traffic from halfback bringing his representative experience and spirited skill set to the Cods attack. This squad will not be backing down from this challenge and will be bursting with desire to make the Grand Final dream a reality.

The Toowoomba Bears are a strong and formidable side with youth being in their favour as a young and spirited squad. Downs representative Brett Huth captains this side from the front row alongside Matthew Ford and Calum Sattolo. These three powerhouses dominate the scrums and charge up the field in a menacing fashion. Damian Vagg sits in the #8 position and is a dangerous threat from the back of the scrum and is a regular for breaking tackles and crossing over the line. Bears traffic will be managed by Nick Hewett at half with Michael Makkai outside him on the fly. Makkai will have a sleek backline outside of him full of pace and finesse. Bears have been a reckoning force giving the leaders, Wheatmen, two close calls. Will the Finals campaign be the time for Bears to kick up a gear and secure their spot in the Grand Final?

Do not miss this clash at 1:45pm, Riddles Oval in Goondiwindi!

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