Teenage Competition | Round 7 Preview


Teenage Rugby | Round 7

The teenagers are set to recommence the competition in a fiery fashion after a month break over the Easter period. Round 7 will see the teenagers play under the lights for the first round of Friday night fixtures. USQ, Toowoomba Bears, Souths and Goondiwindi will all be playing on their home grounds on Friday and they are well-rested, ready and hunting for the ball after a long period deprived of Rugby.

This Friday will see the Teenage U15 Girls commence their 7's competition that will run alongside the Teenage competition. Toowoomba Bears will be the first host for the commencing season playing at Heritage Oval with the first kick off at 6:30pm. USQ, Dalby and Warwick will all travel to Heritage Oval for their first games of the year, playing 2 matches each.

Heritage Oval:    USQ Rugby Oval:   Gold Park:    U15 Girls 7's:
Heritage Oval
Under 13:
Bears vs Dalby - 5:30pm  

  Under 13
USQ vs Highfields - 5:30pm

Under 15
USQ vs Highfields - 6:30pm  

Under 17
USQ vs Redbears - 7:30pm

  Under 14
Souths vs Dalby - 5:30pm

Under 14
Goondiwindi vs USQ - 6:30pm

Under 15
Goondiwindi vs Souths - 7:30pm

Under 17
Goondiwindi vs Souths - 8:30pm  

Bears 2 vs USQ

Bears 1 vs Dalby

Bears 2 vs Warwick    

USQ vs Dalby

Bears 1 vs Warwick

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