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Australian Rugby Union have developed the following ARU policies to provide players, administrators and any other entities involved in Rugby Union an additional reference for issues, that are outside the scope of the Laws of the Game and in addition to the IRB Regulations. 

Event Sanction 

Event sanctioning ensures that all rugby union events, tournaments and matches played in Australia are conducted in a safe and professional manner, and comply with the respective International Rugby Board (IRB) Laws of the Game & Regulations, and Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Law Variations and By-Laws & Policies.

All Rugby Union events, tournaments, and matches conducted outside regular approved competitions and/or other representative matches/programs must receive formal sanctioning approval.

State/Territory Unions are authorised to sanction events, tournaments and matches which are conducted within their respective jurisdictions.

Event Sanctioning Application Event Sanctioning Application (532 KB)

For more information on what you need to do to get your rugby event sanctioned please visit the website Sanctioned Events & Entity Teams.

Injury Management & Serious Injury protocol - (Note this is for any injury where a player is admitted to hospital)

Injury Management Injury Management (93 KB)

Serious Injury Report

Concussion Guidelines 

The IRB has introduced new IRB Concussion Guidelines, and approved amendments to IRB Regulation 10 Medical – 1. Concussion at the meeting of IRB Council (May 2011), both effective immediately.

Concussion Guidelines Concussion Guidelines (245 KB)

For more information view Australian Rugby Union Concussion Guidance.

Two year window policies 

Two year window policy Two year window policy (126 KB)

U19 two year window policy U19 two year window policy (70 KB)

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