Risdon Cup History 

The A Grade teams in the Darling downs competition compete for the Glory of the Risdon Cup. The Risdon Cup is the symbol of Rugby Union Supremacy on the Darling Downs. 

By way of background the Risdon Cup originated from a meeting held in Warwick in early 1964 under the auspices of Queensland Rugby Union. The Meeting led to the development of the Darling Downs Rugby Union.  In its first year of competition 5 teams took part – they included:  Toowoomba Rangers, Warwick, Goondiwindi, Dalby and Gatton College 2nd XV. As part of the arrangements for this competition, Mr Keith Leahy of Risdon Santa Stud, Warwick, donated a magnificent gold plated cup which was to become the prized trophy as a result of winning the Darling Downs A Grade competition. Thus the RISDON CUP. 

Below is a list of former Risdon Cup winners and those of the lower grades. 

Risdon Cup Premiership History Risdon Cup Premiership History (121 KB)

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