Running Rugby

An essential part of the role of the Club Development officer is to coordinate the roll out of the "Running Rugby" Program. 

Running Rugby's mission aims to 'strengthen Rugby Clubs to improve their effectiveness, culture and well-being in order to grow capacity & capability to deliver quality Rugby experiences.' 

The Running Rugby program is developed by the ARU for the purposes of Club Education, specifically designed for Rugby Club Administrators and Volunteers to assist with the administrative and operational side of running a Rugby Club.

The Running Rugby course has been designed to allow participants to:

  • • Access information on the key learning areas
  • • Link to additional sources of relevant information, resources/templates and case studies
  • • Undertake education and training
  • • Demonstrate good practice
  • • Be recognised and rewarded
The Running Rugby key learning area's include:

1. Governance

2. Safe Practices

3. Inclusive Environment

4. Financial Management

5. Rugby Season

Please access the links above for information specific to Rugby Administrators and Volunteers to ensure your club is being effective and efficient in these key areas.

Running and Promoting a Club 

The Queensland Government offers information specific to running a sporting club. A wide range of resources are available from day to day operations through to the legal obligations and policies required for an official sporting club. Funding and Grants are also available for Clubs as a whole as well as individual athletes who require additional support to succeed. Please access these resources for additional information to improve the governance and promotion of your clubs where possible.