Downs Rugby Forms 

QRU Covid Safe Plan QRU Covid Safe Plan (793 KB)


TEAM SHEET 2020 TEAM SHEET 2020 (187 KB)

Australian Rugby Union have developed the following Rugby AU policies to provide players, administrators and any other entities involved in Rugby Union an additional reference for issues, that are outside the scope of the Laws of the Game and in addition to the IRB Regulations. 


Rugby Australia Registration Regulations 2020 Rugby Australia Registration Regulations 2020 (296 KB)

Guide - Rugby Xplorer and Learning Centre_2020 Guide - Rugby Xplorer and Learning Centre_2020 (96 KB)

C of C - Rugby AU Generic 2020-2021 C of C - Rugby AU Generic 2020-2021 (99 KB)

Rugby Xplorer Club Admin Set-Up 2020 Rugby Xplorer Club Admin Set-Up 2020 (190 KB)

Club Admin Rugby Xplorer and Registration Guide -Rugby AU Click Here

Rugby AU Admin List of Help Resources

2020-21 Downs Rugby Affiliation, Registration Fees 2020-21 Downs Rugby Affiliation, Registration Fees (179 KB)

Game-Management-Guidelines-2019 Game-Management-Guidelines-2019 (197 KB)

Injury Management & Serious Injury protocol - (Note this is for any injury where a player is admitted to hospital, especially Head & Neck Injuries)


Concussion Guidelines 

RugbyAU Concussion Management Procedure RugbyAU Concussion Management Procedure (1501 KB)

Player Dispensation Procedure, Flowcharts and Forms to be completed

Lightning / Severe Storm Procedure

Click Here for Lightning Procedure

Match Day App and Rugby Xplorer Admin

Click Here for Video Tutorial  2nd video on this webpage, and Match Day info starts at 5mins,46second mark.

1. Ensure your Club has Teams set up in Xplorer Admin
2. Ensure your Coaches, Managers, and Volunteers are registered on Xplorer App
3. Club Admin to assign User Role for Teenage/Senior Team Admins to control Match Day App (eg. 'John Smith', assigned as Team Admin for Under 13 Teenagers)
4. Club Admin goes into Player Management Tab in Rugby Xplorer Admin - assigns all 12 and 13 year olds REGISTERED ALREADY into team, click on every player 12 and 13 years old, and 'add to team' please 'ok', then 'save' down the bottom of the screen.
5.  John Smith as eg. U13 Team Admin then downloads the Rugby Match Day App
6.  Before the game, well ahead of time, John records the jersey numbers and positions of his under 13 team in Match Day App.  Ensures there is adequate battery charge on his smartphone for the match.
7. John confirms with the opposing Team Manager/Admin if he will record for his team or both teams
8.  John in 2019 is still completing the Team Book, including Jersey Numbers, player signatures, all points, signed and verified by the Referee at Full Time.
9. John presses the PLAY button to commence the Match on Match Day App.  Ensure you use a smartphone, as iPad or Surface Pro will not have full functionality.
10. John records all points: field goals, penalty goals, tries, and conversion goals in Match Day App.  Also John will record any Yellow, Red, or Blue (Concussion  Cards) issued in the match.
11. John does not have to pause for halftime.  Best practice would be for John to approach the opposing team admin entering into Match Day App @ Halftime to verify the score and results so far.
12. John does not have to record rolling substitutions from his team throughout the Match.
13. John enters the second half stats.
14.   At the conclusion of the Match, John approaches the opposing team manager, verifies the score is 30 points to 8.  1 Yellow card for John's Team.  Then both Team's Admins on Match Day, approach the Referee for:
  • Verification of Team Book, and signed by Referee
  • Verification of the Match Result and all statistics, including Yellow/Red/Blue Cards on Match Day App. 
ONLY AT THIS POINT, can John press the STOP BUTTON.  Once both teams have pressed stop, the result will become 'live'.

RugbyAU Club Administration & Registration Guide

Clubs set up Weekly or Season Registrations.  Casual Weekly Registrations will assist teams with low numbers in their regular squad to recruit at short notice from as little as $25 which lasts for seven (7) days.

Questions?  Call Matt Hammond, General Manager on 0431 134 236 or e-mail: [email protected], otherwise call Rugby House on (07) 46337733.

Wagners Risdon Cup Live: Fixture / Results / Ladder

Follow your Club's Fixtures / Results / Ladder live throughout the Season on Rugby Xplorer App.  Guide is also on Downs Rugby Facebook/Instagram.  Download: Rugby Xplorer App on Iphone/Android.  Press: Star logo ‘Teams’, then press ‘Add a Team’, press ‘Community Team’, Search for your Club, eg. ‘Bears A Grade’ or ‘Toowoomba Rangers B Grade’, or ‘Goondiwindi C Grade’.  (Note: you must select A-B-C Grade teams to have access to the relevant comp’s Fixture/Results/Ladder, and also note you can follow the Teenage Comps or Junior Teams).  Once you have pressed the tick box on the right-hand side of the screen and pressed ‘SAVE CHANGES’, then press the whistle logo ‘Comps’ down the bottom.  This always defaults to Super Rugby.  Press the down arrow to the right of Super Rugby, the wagon wheel below will give the options you have set up.  Note: A Grade is ‘Wagners Risdon Cup’, Downs B Grade, Downs C Grade, Teenage U13, Teenage U14, Teenage U15, Teenage U17.  Eg. Selected Wagners Risdon Cup: press Fixtures & Results and press the sideways arrows to move from Round to Round. Press Ladder and the current ladder will appear.

Event Sanction 

Event sanctioning ensures that all rugby union events, tournaments and matches played in Australia are conducted in a safe and professional manner, and comply with the respective International Rugby Board (IRB) Laws of the Game & Regulations, and Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Law Variations and By-Laws & Policies.

All Rugby Union events, tournaments, and matches conducted outside regular approved competitions and/or other representative matches/programs must receive formal sanctioning approval.

State/Territory Unions are authorised to sanction events, tournaments and matches which are conducted within their respective jurisdictions.

For more information on what you need to do to get your rugby event sanctioned please visit the following link:

Click Here for the latest from RUGBY AU for Guidelines and Application Forms

Special Event Insurance - click here

Child Safety Procedure

Pathway-Laws-under-6-to-under-12 Pathway-Laws-under-6-to-under-12 (43 KB)