Role of the High Performance Rugby Committee (HPR)

Downs Rugby believe that developing the quality and depth of coaching resources in our region will facilitate the ongoing improvement in both the quality and dept of players and realise competitive rugby outcomes. The High Performance Committee (HPR) was formed to implement the policies and procedures to achieve these outcomes. 

It is the role of the HPR committee to select, and monitor the performance of, representative coaches and managers. The committee must then report back to Downs Rugby Board with recommendations on improvements that they believe are necessary to meet the criteria sought by Downs Rugby. 

The committee's primary aim is to support the coaches and managers in their roles and encourage and support coaches to develop their own unique skills and knowledge. 

It is the responsibility of the HPR to ensure that the coaches and managers are adhering to the policies and responsibilities of their positions. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the policies and directives of Downs Rugby are understood by the team management and that confirmation is fed back to Downs Rugby. 

The HPR committee is expected to develop and maintain a programme of talent identification and retention to ensure players are optimistic and enthusiastic about their rugby future on the downs. 

The HPR committee will hold regular meetings, supported and attended by at least one member of the senior executive of Downs Rugby. 

Click on the below link to access the 2020 Fair Selection Policy. Although the document details teenage teams, this document also forms part of the Senior, Colts, Mens and Women's Sevens selection policy as well.

Fair Selection Policy Fair Selection Policy (934 KB)